Brightside “Now And Loud” Tour.




Pittsburgh, PA’s Brightside are going out on tour to support their new album “Now and Loud”. “Now and Loud” was produced and mixed by Modern Baseball’s Jake Ewald. You can download the album for free here or pre-order the vinyl here. The tour dates are below.


Jake’s lil pups being lil tour pups


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So I got involved in this facebook thread after a co-worked posted something about birth control. The guy did in a respectful manner and just shared his beliefs, which is fine. I will never take away a person beliefs even if I don’t agree with them. I will also never try to tell them wrong, I only state what I believe in. (which might be saying they are wrong but i feel as all viewpoints should be viewed and that people should be allow to share them, plus there is no fun without debate.) Anyways the bitch comes along and her ignorant ass tries to go way to much. She doesn’t believe in birth control and that is it wrong but certain points about her arguments. She is gay, she doesn’t need birth control to prevent something like pregnancy she doesn’t understand it that people like having sex and feeling safe like others might.(at least of pregnancy)  Also she said people have sex at 16 and 17  cause they are lonely. I lost my virginity when I was 17, I think, and it wasn’t because I was lonely. I have good friends and and even better family I am never fucking lonely! I had sex because I fell in love and I wanted to because you know horney teenagers. 

I am sorry for ranting here but the conversation got way of hand and over 300 comments. I did not want to be part of that but I just can’t get over had ignorant and stupid people can be. And this bitch said she would pray for my sister. I hope that you pray to your god about your sorry life and disrespectful ignorance. Don’t pray or whatever for people you don’t know. They don’t need your pray (not the way you will be asking) because their lives are already better than you can imagine. 

Though, when I left a worker in the back broke his toes and they called EMT and sunk him out the back but apparently he did not look good. So that’s kinda a real shitty thing.

Wow. So like work has been a mess lately. The kitchen register has been messed up. Due to sickness and other series of events I have been the only steady person the past couple days. I thought I was gonna have to work all weekend and I went in at like 6 in the morning this morning. However, I walked out with my Sunday shift taken and at Chipotle gift card!

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