A lot of things in my life right now is just a mess that I kinda don’t feel like an individual person. And that not a good thing. Though I just like don’t know how is handle it that I just kinda continue functioning normally.

And pretty much this whole experience is full of ironies. I stayed at Cody last night but I was gonna go home and was close to going home but decided otherwise. If I did go I could have my tire right now, caught the person on act, or found out sooner. Also the only reason I saw my tire was missing is because I was gonna move my car in the drive way so nothing happened to it.

So basically I couldn’t go to sleep last night. My tire got stolen in front of Codys house and I am grumpy bitch.
I do like my classes and will be going to Jack white tonight.


i’ve never seen police throw tear gas or shoot rubber bullets at Westboro Baptist protestors. 

I kinda want to tell my friend who grew up on a relgiois farm that I am gay just like prove a point to her. But she knows I got a boyfriend and stuff. Maybe I will just tell her that I have sex all the time and take birth control and stuff like that.
I just want to point out like that I am still a good person and that religion give you a false perspective on things.

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You know. Just busy being an emotional disaster.