I know some people don’t get to see their families and I know some people have horrible families. That’s why I will never take for granted how lucky I am and how my family is great to me. All my family lives close by so I am thankful we can get together and have dinners. I love being able to see all my cousin and watch them grow since I am the oldest. On the other side of the family I love that I have an uncle that I can call up and hang out with; one that will go watch a doctor who with me on short notice ons a Monday that one time I got broken up with. And I love that I have two grandparents who support my schooling and give me too much money just cause my boyfriend did the gutters. I also loved my aunt she the crazy one who would always make me laugh and I miss seeing her.

I know I am lucky and I love my family so much.

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I almost got super personal and posted something on here, but decided against because I doubt anybody would care.


i want more free time because my schedule’s a bit exhausting but so is the time in my brain so i should just appreciate being busy i guess.

I should being doing homework or cleaning my room or working out but instead I am laying in my bed petrified.

I need a bright warm sunny day and a dress with an excuse to wear bright red lipstick…..and the Nelson of course.